Milking Shorthorn Cow Families

Our "J" Family


Weg Acres Pro 6 Jenny 4E90
foundation cow purchased in 1988 from Phyllis' father,
Williard Gerner of Weg Acres.

Lifetime: 3210 days 142,535M 3.5% 5031F

Jenny's paternal grand-dam:
Weg Acres Major's Faith 2E93 - 1983 Cow of the Year

Jenny is the 4th dam of Mapleton Vly Rebel Julius (+65 PPR)
PTA (Dec'12): +359m +17f +11p  +127NM$  70% rel.
26 dau. Av.  17,679  3.8  674   3.1  547
22 class. dau. av.  FS:85.5  UDC:0.64  FLC:0.29

Some descendants of Jenny that have excelled include:

Mapleton Vly Chance Jemma 3E90
Lifetime: 113,122M 4.6% 5209F 3.5% 3939P
3 records over 1000 lbs of fat in 365 days
Best record: 365d 28,124M 4.5% 1289F 3.3% 938P
Flushed to Mapleton Vly Rebel Julius
2 ET daughters (Dec'10 and Jan'11)
1 ET son (Jack of Diamonds) with semen available
1 pregnancy due June 2012
Mapleton Vly Julius Jovie
daughter of "Jemma"
Nominated AA Winter Calf 2011
3rd Winter Calf, World Dairy Expo 2011
Planning to flush Jovie this spring
Mapleton Vly Clay Joanie 2E92
Nominated AA in '04, '05, and '06
2-8 305d 20,510M 4.1% 837F 3.0% 619P
Lifetime: 1578d 80,769M 4.0% 3241F 3.0% 2427P
Kuszmar Clay x Rebel x Dusty Glen
Mapleton Vly Julius Juanita E90
E93 Mammary Score
daughter of "Joanie"
1-11 365d 19,786M 4.0% 794F 3.0% 603P

Our "Z" Family

Zsa Zsa's son by Rebel Julius:
Mapleton Vly J Zumba
available from Semex


Mapleton Vly K Zsa Zsa 2E91
HM AA 2006, 2010
Nominated AA 2009
Lifetime: 1068d. 65,979M 4.0% 2663F 3.2% 2106P
projected at 22,050 at 115 days in 6-11 record
As a Fall Calf, she was Jr. Champion at Wisconsin
and Minnesota State Fairs
Wisconsin Cow of the Year 2010

daughter by Ace:
Mapleton Vly ZZ Ava VG-86
2-5 257d 16,509M 4.8% 792F 3.1% 526P (RIP)

daughter by Red Ruben:
Mapleton Vly RU Gidget EXP ET
We're excited to have Gidget
out on the shavings as a 2012 Fall Calf

Other members of the Z family that have excelled for us and others in recent years:


Mapleton Vly AC Zeta E92
E93 Mammary
2007 AA Senior Two Year Old
2008 AA Senior Three Year Old
2-9 319d 22,500M 2.9% 642F 3.1% 703P
her dam: Mapleton Vly O Zima E91 (E93 Mammary)
2-5 365d 27,480M 3.6% 984F 3.0% 813P

Mapleton Vly Shale Zephyr
EX Mammary
Dam: a Valley Crest Dropstad daughter out of Rebel Zooey
3-8 365d 24,809M 4.1% 1029F 3.1% 793P

Mapleton Vly Alad Zena VG-88-2yr
Grand Champion, Wisconsin State Fair 2012
2nd Jr. Two Year Old and Futurity, WDE 2012
All American Spring Yearling 2011


Additional Cow Families at Mapleton Valley

Another Featured Cow Family: The A's

For us, it started here:
Riverdale Secret Alabama
purchased at Kuske's "Riverdale" Dispersal in 1995
Alabama's 4th Dam: Weg Acres Major's Faith EX
Cow of the Year 1983

Aaron Kuske bought her granddaughter,
Weg Acres Artemis EX,
from Phyllis' parents, Willard & Sylvia Gerner

Alabama was a double Pacesetter
granddaughter of Artemis

What a prolific, heifer producing family!
Alabama had several daughters in our herd, including ->
Mapleton Vly FD Auburn 2E92
Res AA Winter Calf | Res. AA Senior Three Year Old
Currently has three daughters in our herd:
Sparkler Audrina (not yet classified)
Nugget Avril VG-89 (EX-MS)
Logic Audrey VG-86
Mapleton Vly Julius Frenchy E90 (US E91)
2-0 365d 20,339M 702F 594P
Her Feb'12 "Zeus" son is available
Mapleton Vly Theme Fargo 4E91
3-7 305d 24,484M 3.7% 906F 2.9% 703P
5th Generation VG or EX
dam of Mapleton Vly AC Foundation (semen available)

Lands-Brook MVF L Cassidy VG-85
3 Time Winner at World Dairy Expo
All-American Winter Calf 2010
All-American Winter Yearling 2011
Nominated All-American Sr. Two Year Old 2012
1st Senior Two Year Old, WDE 2012
Winner of AMSS Two Year Old Futurity, WDE 2012

Mapleton Vly Julius Foxy V89
2-4 322d. 19,601M 758F 3.9% 566P 2.9%
3-5 383d. 23,668M 903F 3.8% 714P 3.0%
4-7 322d. 27,560M 1000F 3.6% 811P 2.9%
milking 130 lbs a day in January 2013!
Calved with a Christoph daughter in Nov'12...
this calf sure follows in the footsteps of the incomparable
Christie from the Landsgards...tall, strong and aggressive!
Maternal Granddam: Mapleton Vly Theme Fargo 4E91