Genetics For Sale

Semen For Sale

Mapleton Vly AC Foundation
Hilltop Academy x Mapleton Vly Theme Fargo-EXP E91
Dam: 3-7 305 24,484M 3.7% 906F 2.9% 703P
Semen available from Mapleton Valley Farms

Mapleton Vly J Zumba
Mapleton Vly Rebel Julius x Mapleton Vly K Zsa Zsa E91
4 Times Nominated All American
Semen available from Semex

Bulls available for sale at Mapleton Valley:

1. December 2014 bull out of Landrum Loth Eva

2. February 2015 polled bull out of Mapleton Vly Ted Adele-P

3. May 2015 bull out of Mapleton Vly Lothario Borroloola
His 2nd Dam: Alfa Treble Bailey-EXP
His 3rd Dam: Meadowhaven Blossom 460th (from Australia)

4. May 2015 polled "Aladdin" son of All-American Logic Cassidy E91