Welcome to our new website! Mapleton Valley Farms is a family dairy farm located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin specializing in Milking Shorthorn and Holstein cattle with deep pedigrees and show-winning style.

Latest News at Mapleton Valley:

Lots Happening at Mapleton Valley!

We recently had a great classification day, with a lot of young cows scoring highly. Highlights included:

  • Mapleton Vly Ace Ava V87 (89 MS) in 2nd lact. Daughter of Zsa Zsa
  • Mapleton Vly Red Ruben Gidget +84 (85 MS) in 1st lact. Daughter of Zsa Zsa. Gidget showed as a Milking Yearling at WDE and is bred back for the Futurity in 2014. She is also Nominated All-American Fall Yearling in Milk for 2013
  • Mapleton Vly Julius Desire V87 (88 MS) in 2nd lact. Grand-daughter of AA Zeta
  • Mapleton Vly Aladdin Zena E90 (91 DQ) in 2nd lact. Zena is a grand-daughter of Zooey and is Nominated All American Junior Three Year Old in 2013 after being Reserve All American in 2012 and All American in 2011.
  • Mapleton Vly Herodotus Ramona V86 in 1st lactation
  • Mapleton Vly Logic Claire V88 (90 MS) in 2nd lact. Claire is also Nominated All American Junior Three Year Old in 2013
  • Mapleton Vly Sparkler Flicka +83 in 1st lactation
  • GMC Zeus Florida V86 in 1st lactation (Milking Yearling). Florida is bred back for the 2014 Futurity at WDE
  • Mapleton Vly Lothario Rondezvous +84 in 1st lactation
  • Mapleton Vly IPOD Benalla V85 in 1st lact. She is a daughter of Alfa Treble Bailey, an ET daughter of Meadowhaven Blossom 460th in Australia.

We also have a few exciting young bulls available for sale, including:

  • Logic Claire x Zumba (born July 2013)
  • Julius Jovie x GMC Zeus (born July 2013). Jovie is out of our high component "Chance Jemma" cow
  • Lothario Eva x Foundation (born September 2013)
  • Logic Cassidy x GMC Zeus (born December 2013)

Attention US Breeders:
We've had several call for embryos for export to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and the United Kingdom. If you have embryos eligible for export to these locations, please contact us!

Introducing the Newest Member of the Mapleton Valley Crew:

Blake Thomas Agnew
born December 26th, 2013

son of Tom & Keely
joins sister Bryn


Ramona V86

Rondezvous +84

A Busy and Successful World Dairy Expo for Mapleton Valley!


Thanks to our committed group of workers, we were awarded the Herdsmanship Award for our barn! Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

We had a successful week at World Dairy Expo in Madison. Below are some photos of our show winners:

Mapleton Vly I.M. Exquisite
6th December Calf, WDE 2013
Out of a Royal Treble daughter by Oceanbrae Ironman-P
MPS Enhancer Chia Tea-EXP
5th Winter Yearling, WDE 2013
A deep-ribbed heifer that Tom & Keely
bought from Tony Weber at Milwaukee Public Schools
Mapleton Vly Zumba Neve
5th Summer Yearling, WDE 2013
Out of a Lothario daughter (top seller at the 2011 National Sale) by Mapleton Vly J Zumba (avail. from Semex)
Mapleton Vly Cancun Aleza
2nd Winter Yearling, WDE 2013
Though extremely short aged, she's a Cancun...
tall, stretchy daughter from Landsgard's famous
"Christie" family, the same family as "Christina"
Due in June to Jack of Hearts (Julius x Chance)
Daltondale Hammer Rosebud EX-90
5th Jr. Three Year Old Ayrshire, WDE 2013
Katie, Tom and Keely bought this one from cousin
John Dalton's herd. Rosebud was Grand Champion
at the Wisconsin State Fair. Bred to the hard to get
Daltondale Reality Maxum
Lands-Brook MVF L Claire
2nd Junior Three Year Old and 2nd Futurity, WDE 2013
2013 Grand Champion, Wisconsin State Fair
ET daughter of "Cissy"
Mapleton Vly Alad Zena VG-88
5th Jr. Three Year Old, WDE 2013
Reserve AA Jr. Two Year Old 2012
All American Spring Yearling 2011
"Zena" had quite a bout with ketosis after calving in June
but she pulled through and managed to make her
3rd trip to World Dairy Expo
Mapleton Vly RU Gidget-EXP
4th Milking Yearling, WDE 2013
Maternal Sister to Mapleton Vly J Zumba
Mapleton Gold Max Season Red
Senior Two Year Old
Maxwell daughter out of an Excellent Advent

Fantastic Classification Day!

Our top "Julius" daughter, Foxy, went EX-90. She is 209 days in milk, projected for 32,000 lbs M and 1150 lbs F!
Type and Production together...how about that for a bull mama!


These are two maternal sisters of Mapleton Vly MM Albany,
who was the 2013 William E. Gerner Meritorious Brood Cow Winner

Avril (left) scored VG-89 in 2nd lact and is sired by McNugget
Audrina (right) scored VG-86 in first lactation and is sired by Sparkler


Two full sisters:
Landsgard MVF L Cassidy ET (milking 13 months)
Landsgard MVF L Claire ET (dry)
Mapleton Vly Ace Raji GP-83
1st Lactation daughter of Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace

Top Producers in March:

On our March milk test day, we had two Julius daughters top 130 pounds! Foxy (pictured below) milked 130 lbs and Flirt gave 134 lbs!

Our Top Producers for January:

Mapleton Vly Julius Foxy V89
3rd lactation
130 lbs per day!
Mapleton Valley Dundee Neely
2nd lactation
104 lbs per day!

Longevity Plus!
This is Mapleton Vly Chance Francie, who turns 13 in April. She has now produced over 200,000 lbs M lifetime!
Her daughter, MV JP Farrah is in 2nd lactation.
JP is a maternal brother to Julius.

All American Nominations...
Lands-Brook MVF Cassidy V85 - Nom. AA Sr. Two Year Old
Mapleton Vly Alad Zena V88 - Nom. AA Jr. Two Year Old

Cassidy was also chosen to compete in the uncalved heifer class in the All World Red Cow Competition in Crazy Cow Magazine in Australia!


Upcoming Sale Consignment...
Coming April 27th, 2013 - the Wisconsin Dairyland Sale.
We are consigning a son of Mapleton Vly Julius Frenchy by GMC Zeus!

All Connected to Mapleton Valley Farms...
The first four Two Year Olds in the AMSS Futurity at the 2012 World Dairy Expo all had a connection to our farm:

  • 1st: Lands-Brook MVF Cassidy VG-85 , owned by Mapleton Valley
  • 2nd: Mapleton Alad Zena VG-88, owned by Mapleton Valley
    All-American and Res. Jr. Champion, WDE 2011
    Grand Champion, Wisconsin State Fair 2012
    She has a June 2012 roan heifer by Lands-Brook Christoph
  • 3rd: Lands-Brook Chippewa, owned by the Landsgard family of Iowa
    a daughter of Mapleton Vly Rebel Julius
    Grand Champion, Iowa State Fair 2012
  • 4th: Lands-Brook MVF Claire GP-83, owned by Mapleton Valley Farms

We never dreamed that purchasing 4 Lands-Brook Cissy embryos at a National Convention Sale would yield two outstanding individuals such as Cassidy and Claire. We thank the Landsgard Family from Iowa for extending this opportunity and we congratulate them on developing a wonderful “Julius” daughter.

Tom with Cassidy,
with former AMSS president Jim King on the left.
Katie and Tom with Cassidy in the presentation area

Recent Classifications:
We had a good classification round in September. Results included:

  • Mapleton Vly Foundation Rosemary VG-86
  • Landrums Loth Eva VG-88 (high seller in 2011 National Sale)
  • Lands-Brook MVF L Cassidy VG-85 (1st Sr. Two Year Old, WDE 2012)
  • Lands-Brook MVF L Claire GP-83 (4th in AMSS Futurity 2012)
  • Mapleton Vly ZZ Ava VG-86 (by Ace, current Sr. Two Yr Old fat leader in the breed)
  • Mapleton Vly JP Izzy VG-85
  • Mapleton Vly Ted Adele-P VG-86 (AA Spring Calf 2009)
  • Mapleton Vly Julius Desirae VG-86-2yr (2nd dam is MV AC Zeta 2E92)
  • Mapleton Vly Alad Zena VG-88-2yr (Grand Champion, WI State Fair 2012)
  • Mapleton Vly Logic Audrey VG-86-2yr (Dam was Res. AA Winter Calf 2005)

A huge milestone...
At 12 years of age, Mapleton Vly Chance Francie VG-86 has reached 200,000 lbs of lifetime milk production and still keeping on ticking. She is a true testament to the longevity and hardiness of our breed! Knock on wood, she has never had a DA or chronic mastitis...every farmer's dream!